Services progressifs are your professionals in health and care since 45 years

SERVICES PROGRESSIFS is a Montreal-based company that was founded in 1974 by Marcel Lapointe and transferred to his son Patrice Lapointe. Its purpose hasn’t changed; providing highly qualified healthcare professionals to meet the specific needs of its clients.

Our customers are health institutions — CLSC (Local Community Service Centres), CHSLD (Residential and Long-Term Care Centres) and CH (Hospital Centres) — and individuals who need help at home.

Our two experienced teams the hospital and home-care division place more than 500 employees in and around Montreal.

Our 40-year expertise, our dynamic, committed team and our desire to provide high-quality, professional care make us an employer of choice and a trusted healthcare partner — tuned to your needs.

Well positioned we are always developing new sectors.


  • More than 40-year of expertise
  • Suitable professional high quality health care
  • Diversified customers (CLSC, CH, CHSLD and private client)
  • Two placement teams (hospital and home-care division)More than 500 employees placed in and around Montreal
  • A family company proud of its human values